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About The Blog

Welcome to the blog! I will be travelling across Europe this summer, so follow for some tasty, bite-sized thoughts on the paintings, sculptures, poetry, churches, marriage chests (cassone oolala) and the saucy things that I manage to find on the road (including food, maybe). Here you will find broken criticism closely followed by broken Italian: come diventare chef - cucina più cucina sempre meglio

This Grand Mangiare will take me from the museums of Cambridge and London to Paris, Annecy, and then Italia! The plan is to parade across the peninsula like a quattrocento condottiere or a deranged, starving backpacker. 

The purpose of the trip is also to buy some paintings for a commercial exhibition back in London in Spring 2022! The venue, team, and ambition are all in place. The old master oil paintings (eighteenth/nineteenth century) that I find will be exhibited alongside the contemporary art of my friends, creating a space where the old is in dynamic conversation with the new. Follow for updates and more information on the upcoming exhibition! 

What could go wrong? (a lot). I'm very excited to go gorge myself on some cultural mangiare in Italy. Follow for a fun time. Lots of love. Buon appetito


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